Infant and Child Sleep Consulting

We provide sleep consultancy services in-home.

Medicare Rebate is available to those with a Mental Health Plan

Under a GP Mental Health Plan we can assist you and/or your child with Focused Psychological Strategies regarding sleep disorders, anxiety disorders (yours or your child's that are impacting on sleep), post natal depression, and parenting management. There will be a gap payment of approximately $51.

(follow up sessions may be eligible for telehealth bulk billed so please speak to your doctor if you are pregnant, or have a child under 12 months, or are immune compromised, or are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander decent)

Sleeping Baby

No matter what your parenting style, we take a sensitive approach to sleep management that respects your parenting values.

Co-Sleepers? Yes we support you too!

This specialised private service comes to you from our leader in a globally recognised accredited registered program that is evidence-based and research led. The Sensitive Sleep Consulting certification program was world-first in aligning attachment parenting values with evidence based sleep interventions.