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Therapeutic Services

We can assist in all areas of mental health, family/parenting issues, behaviour, disability (inc GDD, ASD), ADHD, perinatal, postnatal, infant and child mental health including eating disorders (inc AFRID), sleep disorders, and behavioural tics, and psychosocial functioning.  We assist with all ages.   In person (clinic/mobile) or telehealth (Zoom).

Child Psycholgist

Children's therapy

Sessions will feel more like play than work for your child. Our non-clinical approach is child-friendly and empowering to your child who will feel safe to express themselves and engage in age-appropriate psychological strategies. 

Smiling Teenage Boy

Adolescent counselling and therapy

We can see your teen at home or school by arrangement or at our space. Sessions feel non-clinical so your teen can build a comfortable relationship with therapy and express themselves.

Mother in Love

Infant Mental Health

Counselling and therapy for infant wellbeing including sleep, settling, bonding (attachment) and parenting strategies. In the comfort of your own home, so you can attend to your bub or keep her routines during sessions. 

Coffee Break
Adult counselling

Settle in with a cuppa and get the support you need to get back to your best self.

We can help with

- Anger Management

- Emotion regulation / emotional intelligence

- Family conflict

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Grief, loss & bereavement

- Trauma 

- Parenting stress, concerns & strategies

- Analyzing behaviour & emotion link 

- Behaviour change plans and functional behaviour assessment

- Coaching with behavioural changes

- Pregnancy related and post-natal mental health including birth trauma

- Attachment and bonding

- Sleep issues including infant habitual waking and childhood insomnia, dyssomnia and adult insomnia

- Change management (adapting to change)

- Toilet training 

- Fussy eaters (young children) or food aversion

- Phobias 

- Sexual assault

- body image issues and self esteem

- Healthy, safe relationships

- Relationship and connection with your children

- Parental stress

- Supporting children of parents with a mental illness

- Eating disorders

- Disability 

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs

Working with all ages; infant to adults.

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