Counselling Services

Newborn's Care

Infant wellbeing

& Parent attachment

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Counselling through play

Happy Family at Home

in your

own home

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Family Counselling

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Adolescents & young adults

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We can help with

- Anger Management

- Emotion regulation / emotional intelligence

- Family conflict

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Grief & loss

- Parenting stress, concerns & strategies

- Analyzing behaviour & emotion link 

- Behaviour change plans and functional behaviour assessment

- Coaching with behavioural changes

- Pregnancy related and post-natal 

- Attachment and bonding

- Sleep issues including infant habitual waking and   insomnia. 

- Change management (adapting to change)

- Toilet training 

- Fussy eaters (young children) or food aversion

- Phobias 

- Sexual assault

- body image issues and self esteem

- Healthy, safe relationships (peers, romantic)

- Relationship and connection with your children

- Parental stress, anxiety management, depression

- Supporting children of parents with a mental illness

- Disability 

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs

Working with all ages; infant to adults.

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