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We are an essential service

Even more so now, in these trying times, counselling and therapy is important. We also know that feeling connected to support is important during times of social-distancing.  We are aware that extensive lockdowns and delaying of service attendance/delivery is part of the reason for prolonged waitlists for counselling across the state, with the impact seen even 12 months later.  We are committed to ensuring appointments can still go ahead, with appropriate measures in place. 


Erinnah Pty Ltd is committed to the health and wellbeing of our staff and clients and to doing our part to slow down the spread of COVID 19.  We want you to know that we are closely monitoring the current COVID 19 situation and are responding to government directions and regulations. In the midst of this unprecedented climate we understand that our clients still require allied health services as part of their ongoing health care and we want you to know that our services will remain open with some adjustments as outlined below.

We want you to know that all staff have completed online learning modules on supporting people to stay infection free.  All staff are vaccinated.


Clinic based Services-
Our Ormeau clinic is sufficiently ventilated with an air purify in the treatment rooms as well.  If you are receiving services on site at a school or medical office, these will continue with additional precautions as outlined in this briefing.


Home Visits- 
We will continue to offer home visits to our more vulnerable clients with a few extra precautions.  Please see the guidelines below that we will be adopting.



We are able to provide a telehealth appointment through the zoom platform.

To reduce risk to you and others, our team are committed to adhere to:


Reduce Physical Contact

  • Respecting the social distancing guidelines set out by the government and will maintain a 1.5m distance and avoid physical contact such as handshakes and hugs.  We will continue to offer a hearty greeting and a warm smile.

  • Avoid contact with frequently used surfaces – door handles, light switches, remotes, cups, water bottles, computers, phones, keys.  We may ask you to open the door for us and we will bring only essential equipment with us.  We have disinfectant wipes and sprays on board for our therapy toys.

  • We will conduct home visits in open air or a well ventilated room, as much as is practical. 


Prior to seeing our clinicians you will be asked are you or anyone in your household feeling unwell or returned a positive COVID result? 


Our staff will not come to work when feeling unwell.


Increasing infection control procedures
Our staff will:

  • Clean frequently touched surfaces with appropriate cleaning products between each client 

  • Wiping over equipment at the beginning and end of each day and between clients throughout the day with alcohol wipes or appropriate cleaning products depending on the equipment.  

  • Wear mask on request of client when conducting a home visit or if clinician or government requests it.

Additional Measures

Our staff are asked to get the seasonal flu vaccination at no cost to themselves.

Reassurance and Communication with Clients
We want to keep you informed that these extra measures are to protect us all from from the spread of COVID-19.  Please do not be alarmed by these measures, rather be assured that we are doing our due diligence to stay up to date with the government’s regulations and guidelines and we are adjusting our practice as necessary.  We are committed to keep our services open with these altered work practices in place to keep you and all our staff safe. 

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